Thursday, March 9, 2017

Looking for A Metal Roof Solution?

The replacement roofs offered at Residential Renovations vary from asphalt to metal roofs. Our metal roofs typically last 40 years or more, meaning that it’s probably the last roof you have to put on your home. We love our asphalt roofs, but our metal roof panels offer so much more.

Lets begin with the fact that metal roof panels are coated in Cool Roof colors and allow for significant savings when it comes to energy costs. They consist of 25-35% recycled materials, are virtually 100% recyclable and help reduce air pollutants too.

Ready to learn more? Or perhaps get a free estimate for the last roof you will ever buy? Then call Residential Renovations now at 419-691-3300 or visit our website at to read more about all roof replacement options including our one and done metal roof solution!