Thursday, June 30, 2016

Patio Enclosure or All Season Sunroom? Which one is for me?

There are many benefits of an all season sunroom or what some have coined as a four season sunroom over a patio enclosure. Similar to a patio enclosure or covered porch, an all season sunroom normally is connected to the house via a patio door or french door. Some all season sunrooms can be freestanding - many are referred to as pool rooms or outdoor cabanas.

What makes all season sunrooms different from other kinds of freestanding structures or buildings are the amount of windows, rather than just screens. An all season sunroom allows you to comfortably enjoy the outdoors, indoors. Additionally, a ceiling fan, air conditioning, and, or heat may be included as well into the structure, all awhile you are still enjoying the outdoors and the view outside from the inside of the sunroom - protected from insects and the weather.

Sunrooms are ideal for creating a space to relax, entertain and even exercise all year round without worry of what is going on outside. They can also be great for growing a variety of plants as well.

Medical professionals also encourage sunrooms to be added for the natural light they bring into the lives of homeowners. People that struggle with seasonal related disorders will find an all season sunroom allows for the perfect balance of keeping the outdoors in 365 days a year without the concern of weather, time of day, or time of year.

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